Major changes in the way browsers like Google Chrome and search engines like Google present websites served over a plain http are coming. The new version of Google Chrome – Chrome 60 – will be released on the 26th July and will label all sites served over a plain http connection as Not secure.

This change highlights a growing move towards a secure web where all data transmitted between websites and website visitors is encrypted with an SSL certificate to protect your customers and visitors from eavesdropping, identity theft and data loss and ensure you comply with new legislation.

Your options

We take data security extremely seriously at Red Paint and have worked hard to offer several options to our clients:

  1. You can leave your website as it is, your visitors will see a notice to say your site is not secure but this notice will not change the way your website works or behaves and it may not concern your visitors.
  2. RECOMMENDED: We can install an auto-renewing domain validated (DV) certificate on your website, we will force all traffic between your site and visitors devices over this encrypted connection including cookies and subdomains for a one-off cost of £45 + VAT.
  3. We also offer organisation validation (OV) and enhanced validation (EV) certificates which offer higher grade encryption, validate your organisation in addition to your website address and in the case of an EV turn the visitors address bar green. OV and EV certificates are recommended for websites handling particularly sensitive data and for e-commerce websites.

SSL Certificate Request

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