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Mobile App Development

Mobile internet use has skyrocketed in recent years.  To capitalise on this, Apple and Google (amongst others) have carved out a brand new market for themselves by launching their own app stores.  Developing a mobile app to complement your website doesn't need to be as hard as you think.

Red Paint have developed a few different mobile apps from our Glasgow development studio.  They come in a variety of flavours:

Mobile App DevelopmentMobile website
A mobile website bascially just presents your traditional website in a format that is optimised for mobile users.  During the development process, we think about what your users require from a mobile site.  For example, if a visitor is surfing the net from their phone whilst sitting on the couch 'watching' TV, they might be less interested in your company history but more interested in what events you have this weekend.  Based on this analysis, we present only the relevant information in a user friendly format.

Native Mobile App
A native mobile phone app is slightly different in the sense that we would develop the app according to the Appstore's own development platform.  For example, Apple tightly control its appstore and you must develop in their programming language according to their strict guidelines.  Google have their own programming language and criteria.  Generally speaking, although there may be synergies, native mobile apps will be built for eacha app store.

HTML Mobile App
This is s slight mix between the two - Red Paint can hook into tools such as Phonegap and Jquery Mobile to develop a mobile website that can take advantage of native smartphone features and be distributed through the Apple and Google app stores.